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SYREN+SKYLARK are the new Dynamic Duo delivering an electric force of Conscious Electronic Bass Music. Emanating from the base of the Magical Mountains in Murwillumbah just north of Byron Bay where they have built foundations SYREN+SKYLARK are set to deliver their unique sound. With elements of ceremony upon dance floor motion their music and live set will have you charged up on a variety of beats and flavours taking you on a Bass Music journey with moments of Tribal and D’n’B through 4/4 and 6/8.

The story in their music unfolds as SYREN sings with her Angelic yet powerful vocals while supported by Star Seed Rhymes from SKYLARK.

SYREN emerges from the depths of creation, the electronica angel is a Visionary Dream-Warrior who sings to align with the elements of Mother Earth. The Singer, Electronic Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist channels all her talents into the new Dynamic Duo. SYREN sings with a voice that has developed over lifetimes and draws on her unique Akash with a power and a frequency that needs to be shared with the collective.

SKYLARK the New-School Multidimensional Star Seed has been weaving lyrics through various fabrics of realities, performances and timelines. Incarnating in this Lifetime alongside SYREN he controls beats and delivers Rhymes with Word Wizardry to articulate a Star Seed perspective that creates an impact on the listener to activate the remembering.

Put together SYREN+SKYLARK have united to further propel the awakening.

Copyright © 2019 SYREN+SKYLARK
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